A 19-year-old Girl Lost Two Husbands In One Year…..Marriage-Chronicles

A 19-year-old girl has opened up on the sad story of how she lost two husbands in a single year.
Speaking to Rambo TV in Kenya, Susan said her two husbands both died after being caught up in alleged crimes.
The teenager and mother of one explained that both men were gunned down by the police separately after being suspected to be armed robbers.
Tuko.co.ke reports that Susan got pregnant for her first boyfriend when she was just in class seven.
This made her marry the man, whom she lived with and later gave birth to a baby boy.
However, the baby was barely five months old when her husband got shot dead by police officers at a robbery scene.
“I lost my first hubby when our baby was five months. Police said they shot them as they were trying to run from a robbery scene.
“Life became hard, I did not have a job or anyone else to help me and my son,” she narrated.
With little support for herself and the baby, she mourned her dead husband for just two months before jumping into another relationship with a man called Gaville.
Unknowingly to her, the new boyfriend was also an armed robber who was also later gunned down by the police.
“I did not know if Gaville was a thief, but I asked him to stop when I learnt he was one. He told me he stopped and even proved he had reformed.
“He was killed on December 25 2018, night. He had only gone to buy alcohol. I moved to police stations, he was not there, we found him on December 27, in a mortuary after looking for over a day,” she sadly disclosed.

Do you think it is Susan’s destiny to have gotten involved with 2 armed robbers or she was careless by allowing the ugly situations of life she found herself to overcrowd her good woman’s instinct?

Please I will like to get your comment on this. Thank you!

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