Don’t marry the woman you love….Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.

The institution of marriage is indeed a place of unending learning and improvement. One can never be too learned to have exhausted all that there is to know about marriage relationship. Marriage is an experience that has intrinsic influence on every facet of human social life. Therefore, committing to the acquisition of right information that would help to grow is a core course.

In his Sunday service message delivery, the founder of Glorious Wave International Chapel Sakumono Accra Ghana, Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Badu Koki, digress by saying “Men don’t marry the woman you love”. As weird as it sounds, a brief explanation of the unprecedented statement shed some light of understanding on the faces of people.

The Clergy went further to say “Love can go and come in marriage. So marry a woman who can end you well in life as a man”. He continued by saying “Marry the woman with a good heart and marry a man with vision”. The woman will use her good heart to help the man while the man will use his vision to give the woman a good future….Prov 31:12.

In my little life in marriage, I have come to discover that love brings people together but doesn’t keep them going. It is a spiritual force, character and value that keep people in relationship going. Once these significant factors are not in view, those who were so strongly in love at some point get fed up and part ways or can even end up destroying each other.

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