Marriage is for women.

There are a couple of similarities between men and women but there are also enormous differences between the man and the woman.

When it comes to the issues of marriage or relationship, the man’s wants and needs are distinctively in variance with that of the woman.

When a man meets a woman, two things come to his mind: Sex and personality (Her appearance, behavior and character). Until he is convincingly satisfied with these two issues, he doesn’t fall in love neither is he willing to establish any relationship for the future. However, all the man needs the woman’s personality for is SEX. So the man cheats in marriage or relationship because that is not his immediate need. And it becomes worse if his woman or wife lacks good personality

For the woman the case is different. When a woman meets a man, she looks out for two things: Marriage and Personality {His appearance, money, materials, and commitment (constant attention)}. She judges the personality of the man for the sake of MARRIAGE relationship. And so, her attention is constantly drawn to the availability of these things. Once they are in place, the man is bound to get her unwavering loyalty and commitment. As a matter of fact, her respect is fertilized on daily basis by the feedback she receives from the man concerning her needs.

It is pertinent to state clearly here that both the man and the woman are right in their needs because that is how they were wired by God. So it is highly advised that both genda should take cognizance of each other’s needs in order to develop a good relationship. Because a relationship is always between two or more people who are trying to achieve a common goal. To achieving the goals of relationships, communication and sharing become inevitable.

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